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We are a legal and a registered European private company specialized in the shipment of all kinds of goods and belongings from Europe to Ghana and Senegal. We are based in Brugge area (Belgium) and we do collection of goods from door to door. The collected goods are transferred to our main depot in Oostkamp for further processing after which they are shipped via sea or air. As compared to similar shipping companies, we work completely legal and you can trust us with regards to security, safe and time-prompt delivery of your goods. This is to say that your goods are well insured and protected by international transport regulations when you ship through us. Principally, all the services mentioned are provided at an affordable price.


We deal with all kind of packages, be it small, big, long, short, heavy, light, fragile, delicate, regular or irregular.


Your package(s) will be picked up from the location of your choice by our well-organized transport system and be brought to our depot for further processing.


Packages are normally shipped by containers on monthly basis and if preferred, weekly by air freight.

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We transfer goods from Europe to Ghana and Senegal
mainly by containers and air freight.



Our professional van drivers will pick up the package(s) from your preferred location. The package(s) will then be sent to our depot where they will be processed for shipping by cargo ship or airplane.


The usual way of transferring packages through us is by means of shipping and this is done on monthly basis. Packages sent through this means take a minimum of 3 weeks and maximum of 2 months (depending on the departure date) to reach the depot in Greater Accra and ready for pick up.


This means of good transfer is mainly by air freight and it is done on weekly basis. The good (package) reaches our depot in Greater Accra within a maximum of 7 days and ready for pick.


Expertise Services

We have a team comprising of logistic manager, lawyer, safety advisor, … to give you the correct and professional advice and to make sure your goods are treated like they are our own.


We use our own vehicles to pick up your goods.


Please use the right boxes ! Free boxes that you often find in supermarkets are ok as long they are strong and not damaged. Light or damaged boxes are more susceptible to causing damage to your valuables in transit. Use paper or other materials (old newspaper, transport foam, Styrofoam, .. ) inside the box to make sure your goods are well fit inside the box and can’t cannot move during the shipping.


In Ghana, your packages can be picked up in our central depot at the N1 Aflao road near Dawa. Other pick up locations in Accra or Kumasi and their timetables would be communicated the moment your goods arrive in Ghana. Please make sure you give us the correct information about the sender and receiver of the package (such as cellphone number, mail addresss, general address, …).

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A – The spring and autumn are the “peak” of the shipping season. Please
allow at least 1 week prior notice for all bookings if possible.

A – Moving costs are based on total volume (measured in cubic meters) or
weight of your package(s). Although the exact volume cannot be
determined until final packing is completed, our staff’s training
and work experience enable us to provide an estimate that is as near as
possible to the final cost. Another factor is the import duty and VAT
charged on the goods in the country of arrival. Beware that for commercial goods we apply other tariffs.

A – Although boxes you obtain free from your supermarket (like banana boxes), they are not nearly as strong or padded like new boxes. They are more likely to cause damage to your goods when transported. Use new, strong boxes specially designed for container shipping.

A – Be sure to point out to our staff the boxes in which you’ve packed fragile items, especially if those items are valuable or breakable. Please always indicate on the boxe(s) fragile, breakable or valuable items. Our staff will advise you on whether those valuables need to be repacked in sturdier, more appropriate boxes. The heavier the item, the smaller the box it should occupy.
Label all boxes. Before we collect your package(s) we will print a label that will be put on each package when collected. Please make sure you deliver us the right info when booking shipping. 

A – The cargo ship, on reaching its destination, our customs representative will get your goods cleared. The container will be taken to our site in Greater Accra where the packages can be collected. You will receive a notification confirming the collection of your package(s).

A – For goods to be collected on your behalf, we will need a prior notification via email or SMS confirming the said collection. This should be accompanied with a valid ID card of both the collector and the main recipient (or a captured image of the ID on phone).